Ages 3+

Helping kids become good people.

swim and play appCaptain McFinn’s Swim and Play app is an educational app for kids where they can explore an interactive, underwater world, play fun games and engage in exciting learning activities. As children swim in the underwater world as a fish avatar, they will be guided by a Deep Sea Explorer. This explorer is a real, LIVE person who will share fun stories and encourage your child as he or she participates in learning activities. The Deep Sea Explorer only sees how a child’s fish avatar is exploring the underwater world and creates a fun experience based on the activities your child completes.

Dive into Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play App where your child can explore, learn, laugh, create and share! We want to help your little one understand the importance of developing helping behavior or building social skills like:
Sharing and politeness
– Playing as a group
– Asking for help
Being thankful
Respecting others

Swim and Play App Features:

– Live video stream that lets kids interact with a real McFinn Explorer
– Daily learning activities guided by the Explorer
– 100 plus animated hot spots with silly McFinn characters
– Badges for completing activities
– 8 different games and activities including drawing, music and blocks!
– Ability to share creations with the Explorer
– Chat box for parents to ask the Explorer questions
– Clap button for cheering on other users
– McFinn cartoons and music videos

Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play app is available on:

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Features of the App.

  • Dive into Captain McFinn's Swim & Play where your child can explore, learn, laugh, create and share! New, unique learning activities are available every day.

  • Safety | Captain McFinn's Swim & Play is fun and safe! All of our live explorers go through rigorous background checks and training and the app is COPPA compliant. We also emphasize that while they and their child can see the Explorer, the Explorer cannot see them.

  • Live Explorers | Visit the first virtual deep sea adventure where your preschooler can interact with a real live explorer. With the live component, no two experience with Swim & Play are ever alike.