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Holiday Crafts

December 15, 2017

Have you thought about making some gifts this year? Spending time with your children as you plan the craft, buy supplies and create is an awesome wat to bond with your kids and get into the -

Creating Happy Family Traditions

December 1, 2017

Family traditions ground families and provide a sense of calm, especially in times of great change.  They remind you of your family’s history, which will go on for years to come. Sometime-

Promoting Gratitude

November 15, 2017

With Christmas a little under six weeks away, this is the most hectic time of the year. Presents and plans take up the front of most people’s brains right now and with all of the chaos it -

Raise Confidence

October 17, 2017

Poor confidence and self esteem can lead to bigger issues in a child's teen and adult years, such as anxiety and depression. Avoid having a self-conscious child by practicing these steps in -

Fall Crafts for Kids

September 15, 2017

Fall is in the air which makes many parents think that there is less to do with the kids now that trips to the local pools and parks are off the table. Wrong! You are your little ones can em-

Importance of Art for Toddlers

September 1, 2017

For many parents, art may seem like an unnecessary and messy. Why give your child something that can ruin the rug when they'd be just as entertained watching Team Oomie Zoomie? Arts and craf-

Journaling for Kids

August 22, 2017

Journaling is an amazing way to encourage creativity, keep track of your life and to release your thoughts and emotions onto paper.  Many parents don't realize that journaling can help your-

Summer Activities on a budget

June 23, 2017

School is out for summer! Avoiding boredom is now every mom's number one priority right?! Well, here's a handy list of some fun summer activities to keep your children (and maybe even their -

Things I’ve Learned Raising a Child with Autism

April 12, 2017

Guest Blog By Kelly Kennie Kelly Kennie is the mother of a beautiful daughter who happens to have autism. Follow their journey on Instagram @buttonsaysbuttondoes I am a mom, I have a daugh-

Stained Glass Fish Craft for Kids

March 31, 2017

Captain McFinn has a new fun craft for kids to brighten up your life! You can let your children cut out as little or as much as they’re able and they can also help tearing the tissue paper-