Ages 3+

Christmas Activities for Kids – Make Your Own Barry the Jellyfish

December 16, 2016

Christmas Activities for Kids

This fun and easy craft from Captain McFinn and Friends can be made with leftovers from holiday decorating or other festivities. You can use any holiday ribbon and other decorations you have laying around as part of the “tentacles” or to decorate the head. The mouth and eyes can be made with black permanent marker or printed on computer paper. Ideally, you could use googly eyes and sticky glue or hot glue. This craft could also be done in various colors for Hanukkah or adapted to other holidays like Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day.



●   1 Heavy Duty Paper Bowl (We used 12 oz. but size can be adjusted based on available supplies and number of children participating, etc.)

●   Washable Paint (Green or Red)

●   Foam Brushes

●   Jumbo Fuzzy Sticks (or Pipe Cleaners)

●   Multipack of Curling Ribbon

●   Jingle Bells (Any Color or Size)

●   Sparkly Garland

●   Small Hole Punch







1. Place paper bowl on paper towel. Turn paper bowl over so the bottom of the bowl is facing up. Paint the bowl the desired color.

2. Let paint dry then attach googly eyes or draw on eyes and mouth to the front of the bowl to make the jellyfish face (A simple black permanent marker will do).

3. Start at the front of the bowl and place dots where holes will go. Make hash marks approximately one-inch apart all the way around the bowl.

4. Use a small hole cutter, either safety scissors or a small hole punch to put holes in the base of the paper bowl where the hash marks are located.

5. Alternate the jumbo fuzzy sticks, curling ribbon and thin garland, tying each one on the hash marked holes to connect the “tentacles.”

6. Choose as many “tentacles” as you would like to attach bells or other ornamental enhancements to.

7. Use a piece of curling ribbon to make a hanger at the top of the body.