Ages 3+

Creating Happy Family Traditions

December 1, 2017

Family traditions ground families and provide a sense of calm, especially in times of great change.  They remind you of your family’s history, which will go on for years to come. Sometimes we aren’t left with many traditions to pass on to our children or just want to add some new ones of our own, so here are a few tips on making your holiday traditions more meaningful.


Start Early

Children don’t always have to grasp the traditions from the start. For example, setting out cookies and milk when they’re a baby. They might not understand what’s happening or why, but it will still be fun for them and the more repetition there is of the tradition, the more sentimental it will be in the future.

Lots of Photos

The posed photos are wonderful but something you might forget about are the candid ones. They might not be as pretty but they hold details of the day you might forget in a few years. It might seem silly now but you’ll be thankful for capturing all of the moments when you look back.

Being Consistent

A part of what makes a tradition so strong or memorable is the consistency. Whether it’s a family recipe or how Santa wraps his presents, the repetition is important. If it helps to remember, you can make a Holiday Notebook and write down all of the tradition nuances. Not only will it help keep your stress at bay, it can also make a very sweet family keepsake for when the children are older and may want to pass on their traditions to their families.


It’s Okay to be Different

Every family is different so it makes sense that family traditions should be too. You may feel pressured to do what your parents did or what seems “traditional” or classic, but it’s okay to mix things up.  If your family is musical, go to a concert. If your family loves food, have a potluck.  It’s important to stay true to what your family loves in order to generate happy memories you all can share together.