Ages 3+

Fall Crafts for Kids

September 15, 2017

Fall is in the air which makes many parents think that there is less to do with the kids now that trips to the local pools and parks are off the table. Wrong! You are your little ones can embrace the chill in the air through these four awesome Fall and Halloween crafts!



Halloween: Feet Ghosties


What you need:

black paper

white paint

white crayon

black permanent marker

cute feet



Paint your child’s foot with white paint and have them step onto the black paper. (Thicker paper means less chance of wrinkles.) Once dry, have you or your child trace around their feet. Once finished, draw a spooky face on the ghosts with the black marker. You now have some seriously scary ghosts in the house.


Fall: Leaf Prints

What you need: 



paint sponge/brush (optional)

white paper

newspapers or paper towels

paper plates



Lay out the news papers or paper towels to create a safe space to get messy. Pour paint onto the paper plates and let the kids paint the leaves. Warm colors are great for fall, but any colors will do. Next, lay the leaves (paint side down) onto a sheet of white paper. Smooth out the leaf so it lays as flat as possible. Then, slowly let the leaf off the paper. After it dries, you can show off your beautiful leaf prints.



Young Kids

Halloween: Colorful Spider Webs


What you’ll need:

watercolor paper

white (or light colored) crayons

watercolor paint

paint brushes

salt (optional)



Let the kids draw a spider web on the paper (if white is too hard for them to see, a different light color is fine). Once their web is finished, they can paint on top of it with the watercolor paint. The darker the colors, the better the spider web will show up.  For an extra cool step, sprinkle salt onto the page while the paint is still wet, it’ll make a really neat speckled reaction. Let dry and hang with pride.


Fall: Leaf Sun-catchers 


What you’ll need:

coffee filters


food coloring

paint brushes

plastic wrap




Take your coffee filters and cut out leaf shapes. When they’re ready to paint, dilute your food coloring with a little bit of water. Place your leaves in the Tupperware and let the kids paint them. They can gently use a paint brush or use an eye dropper. Once they’re finished, carefully place the leaves onto plastic wrap to dry. After they’re done drying (this may take some time), add tape to the back and decorate the windows! They will catch the sunlight beautifully.