Ages 3+

Importance of Art for Toddlers

September 1, 2017

For many parents, art may seem like an unnecessary and messy. Why give your child something that can ruin the rug when they’d be just as entertained watching Team Oomie Zoomie? Arts and crafts may not seem like an important school subject on the surface, but these activities encourage the development of mental, social and emotional skills for their future.

Toddlers and Art

It may seem trivial to let a child finger paint but giving them the power to create something  on their own will boost their confidence and happiness. They also can benefit mentally. Holding a paintbrush or using safety scissors can help develop the dexterity and fine motor skills they’ll need to learn how to write.  Making small choices like what color to use or what to create will encourage their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. As they make decisions and experiment, their creativity will blossom. When your toddler creates madness on paper, they express themselves and live in the moment which is a lesson most adults still struggle with.

It is also important to encourage communication about their art. Asking questions such as “Why did you choose that color?” or “Did you have fun making that?” will give them an opportunity to learn more words and sharpen their language development. When you open the door for this type of conversation, you strengthen their ability to communicate feely about their emotions.

You should avoid giving your toddler specific directions and suggestions and instead let them express their creativity.  It’s important that your child feels confident and proud of what they’ve created. You should encourage and foster creativity even if their artwork doesn’t look like much.  Give your toddler the freedom to take risks and express themselves so that they can develop a sense of innovation and ambition.

By encouraging a passion for the arts, your chid will be well-rounded and will be given a better chance to excel academically. So the next time your child wants to finger paint, prepare for the mess and embrace the benefits of art.