Ages 3+

Journaling for Kids

How Journals Help Kids Keep Focused and Happy

Journaling is an amazing way to encourage creativity, keep track of your life and to release your thoughts and emotions onto paper.  Many parents don’t realize that journaling can help your kids too! Journals have been proven to improve writing and problem-solving skills, memory, motivation, create self-awareness, and decrease stress.  Here are a couple journals you can start with your children.


 Happiness Journal (For Smaller Children)

This journal can be a great project for you to start with your children, whether they are of writing age or not.

Let the kids decorate their own journals with crayons, markers, watercolors or stickers, so they can really personalize their books. Write a prompt on each page for them to fill out with you daily.

Example prompts would be:

-What is your favorite part of today?

-Draw a picture of the family

-What is your favorite color?

-How are you feeling today?

-What made you happy today?

-What is your favorite food?

This journal is a place for your children to write or draw whatever they’d like, whether it’s scribbling or writing about their day, they have complete control over this book which makes them more confident in what they’re creating. For children just learning to write, it sharpens their fine motor skills and gives them practice holding and using a writing tool, which will help a lot in the long run. Be sure to write the date on each page to keep track of their progression, and writing little notes for them makes this a very sweet keep-sake to look back on later.


Success Journal (For Older Children)

Success journals are geared more for school aged children and can help organize what may feel like a hectic school life and extracurricular activity schedule or overwhelming chore list. For this journal you can adapt an existing planner, or download printable calendar pages and customize them for your child’s needs. Is your child having trouble remembering chores? Make a chore chart, tangibly seeing their success physically will make them feel more confident, and they’ll receive satisfaction marking off the task knowing they’ve done a good job. Giving them a small incentive when they’ve completed a week will also keep them on track and give them something to look forward to. This journal is also a great place to get them to start to-do lists. Help them start a page in their journal to keep track of homework assignments and big projects. This will help them get organized and prioritize their work, which will keep stress down, and get them motivated to get their work done.

Whether you start one, both, or a combination of these journals with your children, these are a great outlet for your children to reduce stress and increase self-awareness, along with many other benefits.  So if you’re looking for something to do with your kids, or searching for a way to organize their chaos, consider a journal may be your answer.