Ages 3+

Summer Activities on a budget

June 23, 2017

School is out for summer! Avoiding boredom is now every mom’s number one priority right?! Well, here’s a handy list of some fun summer activities to keep your children (and maybe even their friends) from experiencing the exhausting pains of nothing to do while making sure your wallet doesn’t suffer….

Read a book on kindness. Summer reading helps preschoolers and kindergarteners with their reading progress, of course, but reading books on kindness helps teach great social skills as well.

Make breakfast. Teach your preschooler to use the toaster safely, and let her crack and scramble up some eggs as much as possible by herself — with your guidance. Then let her put jelly on her own toast to sharpen those fine motor skills.

Blow bubbles. Make your own from 6 cups of water, 1 cup of dish soap, and ¼ cup of corn syrup.

Play the “sir and ma’am” game. Spend the day with your preschooler addressing each other and everyone else by “sir” and “ma’am.” Make it fun and silly, correcting each other when you neglect to use the proper term — and smile when you know you’re stealthily instilling kindness in your child.

Practice riding a bike without training wheels. Make sure the bike is as small as possible to help your youngster have a lower center of gravity to make balance a little easier. It’s all about perseverance and patience…some good life lessons

Make a wind chime. Use string and beads, buttons, empty soup cans, or anything else your little creative child wants to use!

Go on a scavenger hunt. Learning about nature while playing a game? Sure! Find things that start with a certain letter, or make a list ahead of time.

Pick up trash in the neighborhood. We each have to do our part to keep things clean!

Wash the car. Nothing like a little old-fashioned CLEAN fun, right?!

Play yard games. Break out the old-school games like frozen tag, cereal tag, red light green light, what time is it Mr. Fox, and more.

Picnic. Slow down and pack a lunch to eat somewhere else — outdoors.

Do a random act of kindness. Along with your child, plan for a unique random act of kindness (such as paying for someone’s breakfast or lunch, handing someone a gift card, making a card for a stranger, etc.) and do it.


Make crafts for a senior living community. Painted picture frames make thoughtful and useful crafts preschoolers can make for seniors.

Play catch. Hand-eye coordination is improving greatly for preschoolers and kindergarteners, so try tossing around a soft, small ball — with or without a kids baseball glove.



Draw sidewalk chalk pictures. Add a little water to a spray gun and turn everyday chalk drawings into watercolors.

Go camping. Even in your own backyard. Set up a tent, make some s’mores and make up stories to tell underneath a flashlight.



Make superhero costumes. Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman – or your child’s own special design.

Have an indoor picnic. Don’t let any rain dampen your plans: Set up a blanket and sandwiches and eat in the living room.

Write a song together. Write down the words your child thinks of and sing together – and record a video to look back on in a couple years.

Make a town of toilet paper rolls. Save those toilet paper rolls instead of tossing them in the recycling bin – they’re good for hours of creative entertainment when your kids can decorate them into stores, hospitals, houses, schools and more.

Paint rocks. It’s simple and kids love it!



Volunteer. Find a church, animal shelter or local charitable organization and help out! Note: Call ahead first to see any required ages for volunteering.

Make your own popsicles. Nothing says summer more than popsicles – and making your own teaches your kids to be innovative, frugal and resourceful.