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Teaching Respect to Children

July 6, 2016

Teaching Respect to Children

Teaching Respect to Children

Captain McFinn and Friends love helping kids be good people, and teaching respect to children is a key element navigate to these guys. Read on for ways parents can teach respect to children (and how kids can learn to show respect)!

Model respect.

Those old TV commercials of “I learned it from watching you” are true for every action (and inaction) you make. Kids are little sponges who soak up everything around them – including the way you treat others. If you’re kind and are teaching respect to your children, they’ll learn to do the same.

Make a point to be at the top of your game when the kids are around: Clear your plate after dinner, say please and thank you, refrain from interrupting. Compliment others to your child when you see someone (even strangers holding a door open for someone else) showing respect. Remember, little eyes and ears are always watching and listening!

You can even show the kids some fun videos of Captain McFinn and Friends in different types of situations where they learn social skills like respect, and talk about what you watched together!

Praise good behavior.

Kids love hearing about when they do things well! It makes them feel proud and goes a long way to helping them repeat the behavior that earned the praise. When you see something good, say something good!

That’s why our live Explorers on Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play app encourage and praise kids who are participating in the interactive, guided play on the app. The FREE app focuses on different social skills and lessons each week, including manners, respect, being a good friend and more. When your kids play, they’ll be making good decisions about showing respect to other fish and seeing that praise – so they’ll learn how to transfer those decisions into real life.

Correct bad behavior.

It can be easy to just gloss over a preschooler’s rude attitude because it’s late, or you’re doing 257 other things, or because it’s not like he or she is throwing a full-on tantrum (if so, you can totally learn how to deal with tantrums) – BUT if you don’t correct the behavior now, your child can learn that it’s acceptable behavior. Preschoolers and kindergarteners are still learning how to express their feelings, so their anger and frustration may come out in not-ideal forms.

When that happens, and your child is talking back, being rude or disrespectful, take a timeout for yourself and talk to your little one about an alternative reaction that would be more respectful. It’s much easier to break a bad habit now rather than later and kids learn a lot from “do overs.” You could even talk about things to do with kids to promote kindness!

Ways kids can learn to show respect

·      Wait your turn. Explain how it’s respectful to be patient until it’s your turn — whether on the slide, in line at the grocery store or at school.

·      Don’t interrupt. This is social skill showing respect that is important for kids to learn when they are in preschool and kindergarten.

·      Don’t talk back. Instead, teach kids to calmly state their disagreement in a respectful way (because you get more bees with honey than vinegar, after all!).

·      Clean up after yourself. Mom and dad will be so pleased, and appreciate the display of respect – and it’s a great habit to have throughout life.

·      Follow rules. It can be easier to follow rules upon understanding that it’s a nice way to show respect.

·      Listen to parents. When you group listening to parents in with respect, it’s letting your kids see the bigger picture that it’s actually always about respecting others.

Let Captain McFinn and Friends help!

The Captain McFinn Swim & Play app is more than just an app – it’s a way for kids to have fun while learning to be good people by teaching social skills to children (which is why moms AND kids love it!). Download the app for FREE today and see for yourself.