The Crew


Captain McFinn

Once the biggest bully on Sand Dusty reef, McFinn, a blacktip reef shark, renounced his bullying ways when the Undersea Friends showed him the virtues of helping and caring for others.

Three Tooth

Originally named Four-Tooth, Three-Tooth the rabbitfish got his new name after losing one of his teeth while helping free McFinn from a tight situation. As Captain McFinn’s loyal, best friend, Three-Tooth’s curiosity gets the pair into many adventures.


Bella is known throughout Sand Dusty Reef for her kindness. Though McFinn was a big bully, Bella did not hesitate to help him when he was in trouble. As a kind soul, she sees the good in everyone.


Inky’s boundless friendship is a great gift to everyone living at Sand Dusty Reef. His eight gentle arms and legs are always available to reach out to help his friends and give them many hugs.

Coral Rose

Coral Rose is a beautiful young girl whose throne sits upon an enchanted coral reef. Following the pull of the tides, Coral Rose travels all over the world to coral reefs that are in need of her magical healing power. When her work is done and the reefs are healthy once more the tide brings her safely home.


The Great Eco Machine, better known as G.E.M, evolves into anything she wants so that she can help her best friend Coral Rose clean up the ocean.


Before McFinn stopped being a bully, Tox was his right-fin fish. For such a small fish Tox has a mean streak a mile long. A species all his own, he prides himself on being a bully.


As one of the mean Bully Brothers, Stink is rarely seen without Stank. He's a species all his own. He's one of the bullies of Sand Dusty Reef and he loves to pick on fish smaller than him.


Stank is the other Bully Brother. He is always seen by his brother’s side, even though Stink makes fun of him all the time. Not one to think for himself, Stank does whatever the other bullies do.


Fun Finn Fact